Why Wedding Ceremony Planning Isn’t Hard

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Why Wedding Ceremony Planning Isn’t Hard

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day!

So with that in mind, do you have some ideas for the written part of your wedding ceremony?  Doing your own wedding ceremony planning can be quite daunting. In fact it can be down right difficult! Take the hard work out of the planning by getting Auckland Celebrant to create your perfect wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Planning

The Auckland Celebrant wedding ceremony planning process is structured so you and your fiance have maximum input and minimum work and time spent.  My job is to manage the planning to take that pressure off you, and create a personalised and authentic wedding ceremony that truly represents you.  The wedding ceremony planning process starts at our first meeting.  First, I like to get to know you, your philosophies and values; learn all about your relationship; and find out every aspect of your wedding ceremony.  Together we explore YOUR IDEAS such as the focus, core elements or essence that you envision for your special day. These are then incorporated into the ceremony writing.

How much work will you have to do?

If you are reading this then I’m sure by now you understand how much work this wedding planning business is!  At our first meeting I will go through the process so you know exactly what to expect throughout the time we work together. Following our meeting the only tasks for you to do are:

  1. One month prior to your wedding review the first draft of the ceremony, provide feedback and suggest any changes.
  2. Review subsequent rewritten draft(s) until you are satisfied with your wedding ceremony.  Remember, this is all about you so you have to be happy!
  3. Choose any verses and/or readings (if applicable).
  4. Give the Marriage License to Auckland Celebrant at the wedding rehearsal.

Hopefully you have gained some insight here into this proven planning process.  You can find more information on with Auckland Celebrant in Wedding Celebrant Process.

I would love to talk to you about your wedding ceremony planning so please get in touch for a chat.  Trust me when I say – using this approach wedding ceremony planning isn’t hard at all!

Glenys xx

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