Why have a funeral service?

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Why have a funeral service?

Following the death of a loved one we often feel numb and consumed with grief and sorrow. Immediately following the death it can be difficult to accept that our loved one has really gone from our lives. So why have a funeral service?

Why have a funeral service?

Today funeral services have become much more personalised to the individual and focus on being a celebration of the deceased’s life. Think about your loved one and fit the funeral ceremony to the person, not the other way around. Make it more about their life than their death. 

Safe place to grieve openly

Funeral ceremonies assist in the grieving process by making it a safe place to grieve openly. Connecting with our friends and family who share in the common bond of love and respect for the deceased. It is really important that we take the time to mourn, to feel sorrow, and to reflect on our loved one. Remembering our loved one will start us to shift our relationship with them from a living, physical being, to one of memory. Friends and family will also be grieving so will understand your loss and be there to support you. 

Saying our last goodbyes

The opportunity to say goodbye to someone we cared about is the purpose of a funeral ceremony. If the body is present mourners can approach to say your last goodbyes. For funerals without a body, we can still gain closure by farewelling a photo, urn or special momento.

Time to honour our loved ones

Whether our loved one lived a long or short life – their life should be honoured. Funerals should honour their teachings, achievements, accomplishments and contributions to the world around them. Giving thanks for their influence on us and what we loved about our loved one, and also hearing what others loved about them. 

Funerals help us look inward

The ritual of funerals recognises that death is a part of life, and life is a part of death. Losing a loved one may make you consider the meaning of life and death. Or contemplating your life and what’s really important to you. Looking inward in this way is a normal part of the grieving process and helps you think things through.   

Funeral services are a place for mourners to get together and support each other following a death. This ritual is essential in the grieving process and can enhance our healing. When we attend funerals we show our support to family and friends, and it allows us to share in our grief.  

If you are planning a funeral I would love to talk to you. Together we can design the perfect tribute and celebration for your loved one.

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