What are new rules and trends for 2017 weddings?

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What are new rules and trends for 2017 weddings?

Depending on the couple, wedding traditions will prevail in some way. However today many couples are choosing to forgo traditional marriage rules to create their 2017 wedding, just the way they want it. The wedding ceremony traditionally has specific rituals, but couples today have thrown the rule book out and created a new modern approach unique to them.

So what are new rules and trends for 2017 weddings?


1. Design your affordable wedding

Some couples spend a massive amount of money on their big deal, while others go for the cheaper route. These days there’s a good chance the couple will pay for the majority of their wedding, while the parents only contribute to some of the costs. Figure out what’s most important to you about your wedding day and make that happen. Then cut back items you deem non-essential or reduce the number of wedding guests to save money.

Design your affordable wedding


2. Wedding planning is done online

How did anyone find wedding inspiration before Pinterest?! There are countless online resources available to help plan your wedding, making it simple to share ideas and get feedback. Some couples are moving away from printed invitations and choosing emails instead. A personal wedding website or Facebook page can include venue directions, timings, social media custom hashtag and other information.



3. The Bride’s dress isn’t white

Today’s brides are choosing to switch things up and wearing dresses in any other colour apart from white. The most important factor in what the bride wears is – she should feel absolutely beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear, regardless of the style or colour.

Brides are choosing colours for their wedding dress


4. Food is not “traditional” wedding food

Choose fun food alternatives to formal seated dinners such as food trucks, barbecues, cheese platters, pizzas, picnics, make your own tacos or sliders. Only last month Margot Robbie served guests Coco Pops for dessert at her wedding reception! Less traditional food means guests can move around while eating so assigned table settings can be replaced by a mix of more informal tables, chairs, stools, couches and picnic tables or rugs.

Picnic setting at a wedding reception


5. Vows are personalised

Couples are writing their own heartfelt vows in their own words instead of reciting pre-prepared vows given by a wedding celebrant.

Personalised wedding vows


6. No bridal party?

Rather than having a large bridal party and the costs that come with that, couples are instead choosing to have no bridal party (or just one person each). After all the most important people at the altar are the bride and groom!

No bridal party at a wedding ceremony


7. A fun wedding celebrant

Do a Google search and you will see how many wedding celebrants there are in New Zealand. However, all wedding celebrants are not created equal! The reality is that some celebrants can be set in their ways; or don’t stay up to date with the latest wedding trends; or won’t create a fully personalised wedding ceremony for you. Do your research, ask lots of questions before deciding on a wedding celebrant, and choose someone who will be enjoyable to work with.

Choose a great wedding celebrant

8. Getting to the wedding ceremony

Rather than give guests a printed wedding program, set up chalkboard signs directing guests on where they need to go, what they need to do and when. At the conclusion of the ceremony why make a mess throwing rice? Instead distribute bubbles or sparklers to guests before the ceremony so the newlyweds can be celebrated as they pass by.

Sparklers for the newlyweds


9. Wedding cakes and desserts

There will always be a place for large, tiered wedding cakes at weddings. However today weddings can include a dessert table instead of a large wedding cake. Rather than a traditional cutting of the cake, couples now opt to have a cheesecake, gourmet doughnuts,  sundaes or a candy bar, etc.

Dessert table at a wedding reception


10. Fun activities for your guests

Weddings are predominantly more relaxed and often in outdoor settings. Create a fun environment and make the wedding feel more like summer camp than formal occasions. Think about games like scavenger hunts, sack races, giant Jenga, badminton, volleyball, croquet and glow necklaces for dancing in the dark.

Games to play during the wedding reception


11. The Honeymoon happens later

We have all seen the romantic image of newlyweds climbing into a car covered in a “Just Married” sign while everyone waves them off on their honeymoon. It’s so sweet, and it does still happen…just nowhere near as often today. Couples choose to delay their honeymoon to save more money for a really fabulous trip and also because it’s quite nice to let everything settle back down after your wedding.

Wedding honeymoon taken later


At the end of the day the most important thing to focus on is your day and the rules and trends you want for your own wedding. You can choose what will work best for you both, based on what makes you both happy.

I would love to chat about how we can give your wedding ceremony a modern and personalised touch so please get in contact with me.

Glenys xx

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