Top 8 Wedding Ceremony Questions I Get Asked

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Top 8 Wedding Ceremony Questions I Get Asked

Naturally couples ask so many questions about aspects of the wedding ceremony. However the most commonly asked wedding ceremony questions are very easily answered.

When working with couples I am on hand to answer all questions, no matter how big or small – because it’s all about creating the perfect wedding ceremony.


1. We are having young girls as our flower girls. What happens if they become restless during the ceremony?

Involving children in a wedding ceremony is so lovely. But even the best behaved children can play up from time to time. I recommend you have a trusted adult sit close to the front, then if a child does become restless, they can be discretely taken away from the ceremony.

2. Who asks the guests to turn their mobiles off and to refrain from uploading photos to Facebook?

Technology related issues in wedding ceremonies are a fact of life today and should be addressed. I will advise wedding guests of your technology related requests just before the start of the wedding ceremony, or if you prefer the wedding MC could do this. Now even though the vast majority of guests will make a point of turning mobiles off or putting them on silent, it’s important for this announcement to be made. With regard to guests uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram – you need to decide what you are comfortable with so guests can be informed on your big day. Are you happy for your guest’s to upload their photos while they are at the wedding? Or would you prefer the wedding photographer’s photos to be the first photos to go public?

3. What if it rains on our wedding day?

Weather can be such a massive factor when planning a wedding, and understandably I get asked this all the time. If you are planning an outdoor wedding I strongly suggest you have a back-up venue in case the weather decides to do its own thing. Please be assured that I can easily adapt the ceremony at the last minute to accommodate the change.

4. What happens to the signed marriage documents following the wedding ceremony?

Part of my wedding celebrant service to you is taking care of the signed marriage license documents after the wedding ceremony. I lodge your signed “Copy of Particulars of Marriage” document with the Department of Internal Affairs.

5. We would like our family to participate in the wedding ceremony. What can they do?

There are so many ways family can be included as part of your wedding ceremony – think about how big or small a role you would like them to have. One of the most common ways for family to be included is to get them to do a reading or recite a poem. Involving children in wedding ceremonies is easily done too and there many ways they can participate such as the lighting of candles, playing an instrument, presenting a gift, or releasing birds or butterflies.

6. My father died recently and we would like to acknowledge him in the wedding ceremony?

Acknowledging family or loved ones who have passed during the wedding ceremony is very important for some couples. During our first meeting we talk about if you want family acknowledged to include so I can include when writing your wedding ceremony. I make the special acknowledgement near the start of the wedding ceremony; this can be followed by the lighting of candle(s), should you choose.

7. How long does a wedding ceremony last?

Ceremonies usually take 15-20 minutes. However this is dependent on what content you include in your wedding ceremony – for example if you have a number of readings and a musical interlude then the duration will be longer.

8. What does my Dad have to do after he has escorted me down the aisle? Also where does he stand and when does he sit down?

Even though this is the last question on my list, it is the question I get asked most often both before and at the wedding ceremony rehearsal. At the wedding ceremony rehearsal we agree on each person’s position and rehearse where everyone stands. Once your Dad has walked you down the aisle:

  1. I will ask your Dad if he is presenting you to your partner.
  2. He will respond “yes”.
  3. He presents you to your partner – a nice way is for him to put your hand in your partner’s.
  4. Your Dad then moves to his (reserved) seat in the front row and the wedding ceremony will start.

There are of course variations of presenting the bride so this is something for you to consider.

I hope this has answered some of the questions that you may have. Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss your wedding further.

Glenys xx

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