Religious Wedding Ceremony

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Religious Wedding Ceremony

It’s certainly is true that you can’t help who you fall in love with.  However falling in love with someone from a different religion than yours could possibly mean a few more headaches than normal when planning the wedding ceremony.

We are blessed in New Zealand to have such a large number of different religions and cultures.  Each of these cultures enjoys and celebrates ceremonies.  Some ceremonies are celebrated in very different ways than perhaps native New Zealanders do. In a nation where all men and women are equal, this means we all have a greater opportunity to experience our friends and neighbours ceremony traditions.

Can you merge two religions to form one religious wedding ceremony?

From my experience it absolutely is!  With careful planning (and probably quite a few lengthy discussions) you can ensure that both sides of the family are happy and both religions are honoured.  You really can plan a fabulous and unique religious wedding ceremony, and that means your guests get to experience something new and different.  And let’s face it – almost every couple wants to have something at their wedding which is different from “everyone else”!

Sid and Anneka Trivedi's wedding ceremonyRecently I was privileged to perform at a combined religious wedding ceremony – Hindu and Christian – for Sid and Anneka Trivedi.  Once the Hindu ceremony finished I joined the couple and their attendants in front of the Mandap for the traditional  (NZ) wedding ceremony.

It was a beautiful large wedding and the guests certainly created an incredible energy during the Hindu Ceremony, and this carried over into what was an amazing wedding ceremony.

Thankfully, in this day and age you decide what you want as part of your wedding ceremony.  Take the best of your respective religions and what aspects are important to you, and use this as inspiration to plan your wedding ceremony.

If you would like a celebrant who is sensitive and respectful to all religions and cultures or you would like to discuss your religious wedding ceremony further, please get in touch with me.

Glenys xx


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