Religious vs Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

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Religious vs Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

When working with couples this topic of a religious vs non religious wedding ceremony is often raised. From my own experience there are some misconceptions out there about the differences between a religious vs non religious wedding ceremony.  So here is some background and information that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Religious vs Non Religious Wedding Ceremony?

For centuries almost all weddings were held in a church or place of worship. This was due to the fact there were no alternatives. Members of the Clergy were the only people authorised to conduct a religious wedding ceremony.  However during the 1970’s Celebrants became authorised to legally officiate at wedding ceremonies under New Zealand law.

From that point on couples had the freedom to have their wedding ceremony at a venue of their choice. Weddings could be held outdoors in beautiful gardens, at beaches or even in a restaurant.  This was a turning point for couples because wedding ceremonies could now be non-religious to reflect personal beliefs. Today the number of wedding ceremonies held in churches has been in decline for some time.  This is because religious wedding ceremonies don’t need to take place in a place of worship.

Statistics aside, a wedding in a church can still be a very good option for many reasons. The buildings and architecture are beautiful with such lovely energy and there is no need to worry about an alternative venue should it rain!  Let’s face it there is something so very romantic at the sight of the bride walking down the aisle of the church towards her groom at the altar.

Does there have to be a reference to God in the ceremony in order to marry in a church?

I get asked this question all the time and the short answer is no. The actual wedding ceremony is designed according to your wishes and requirements to reflect both of your personalities. So with all that in mind, if you know a lovely church don`t be too hasty and dismiss it as a venue for your wedding ceremony.

You are the one that chooses IF you would like any reference to God in your wedding ceremony.  It’s your day after all!

In contrast to most marriage celebrants, I am an ordained minister and can officiate both a religious vs non religious wedding ceremony. This enables me to work with you to create your perfect ceremony, regardless of your personal or religious beliefs.

Glenys xx

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