Post-Covid-19 New Zealand wedding trends

For many brides-to-be 2020 was the year you were going to get married. Your meticulously planned wedding ceremony was going to be the most magical day of your life. 

And then Covid-19 happened. And then New Zealand went into lockdown.

Very quickly couples were forced to decide whether to cancel their upcoming wedding and take a gamble on a new date. Or put their upcoming nuptials on hold altogether. All while having no idea of Covid-19’s impact nor how long New Zealand’s lockdown would go for.

Some of my beautiful couples’ wedding plans were affected by the pandemic. It was truly heartbreaking speaking with them hearing their pain at not be able to wed on their chosen date. Births, Deaths and Marriages said it has cancelled 900 marriage licence applications from March to May – it normally gets just one or two cancellations a month.* 

Couples in New Zealand can get married post-Covid-19

Thankfully we live in Godzone at the end of the world and as a country, we took very swift action! Well done New Zealand!!

So what are some post-Covid-19 New Zealand wedding trends for couples wanting to get married?

Alert level 1 – big wedding ceremonies are back!

Breathe a sigh of relief because we did it! Wedding ceremonies can happen as normal again with no restriction on guest numbers. The only requirement is contact tracing, which we are all very used to by now. Event organisers and wedding venues will have processes in place to do this for your wedding ceremony.

Gay weddings in New Zealand can take place post-Covid19

Support local in 2020

The wedding industry as a whole was thrown into economic turmoil, hitting small businesses the hardest. Lockdown happened towards the end of New Zealand’s wedding season but still affected wedding businesses greatly. So this is a great time to support local! 

This could be the perfect opportunity for you to plan a wonderful socially conscious wedding and give your wedding a deeper purpose. Choose to use local small businesses, suppliers, and services, as well as businesses that give back to the community.  What a great way to start your married life knowing you truly supported and strengthened the local community.

As far as bookings go, for the rest of 2020 it’s likely there will be an increase in weekday weddings. Weekend wedding ceremonies will be more popular than ever with only limited dates left this year. So be sure to book your services and suppliers as soon as possible as dates are filling up due to weddings that were postponed.

Post-Covid-19 New Zealand wedding trends

Wedding trends for New Zealand’s post-Covid-19 have shifted and the ‘new normal’ is based around priorities in our lives now. One important thing that Covid-19 taught (or reminded) us of is our family, friends, and loved ones should be cherished more than ever.

COVID-19 taught us to cherish relationships with family and loved onesfamily

Authentic and meaningful wedding ceremonies 

As a couple, you should consider what parts of your wedding day are the most meaningful and purposeful. It goes without saying that the last three months have caused plenty of stress for everyone. So weddings will likely focus less on endless posing and more about being authentic and celebrating what’s truly important.

Small and intimate wedding ceremonies

Pre-Covid-19 wedding guest numbers had been decreasing, and this trend will only continue – especially given overseas guests can’t attend. But the upside to having smaller and more intimate weddings has to be the reduced cost. Also, couples get to spend more quality time with their guests on their big day.

Why not have your wedding in New Zealand?

If you had been planning an overseas wedding which can’t happen now, why not look for beautiful local venues instead. Given our borders may not open until we have a vaccine, one of New Zealand’s many fantastic and scenic locations may prove to be a great and more cost-effective alternative. 

Make your wedding ceremony go global

Video streaming to capture your wedding nuptials is becoming increasingly popular while our borders are closed, and even beyond. Streaming your wedding ceremony with overseas friends and family is the perfect way for them to witness and celebrate your big day. Plus this a great option for any local or international guests with health issues who can’t attend in person. 

Weddings in 2021 and beyond

If you are waiting until 2021 to get married in New Zealand you should still book in your suppliers and services without delay. Some venues and suppliers are already having to re-book 2020 weddings in 2021 due to this year being booked solid. We are all hoping the trans-Tasman/Pacific bubbles will be in place by then allowing loved ones to travel here for wedding ceremonies.   

Outdoor weddings in New Zealand post lockdown

As you re-book your wedding ceremony try not to let what has happened this year put a dampener on your planning – stay positive and remember to breathe. Know that your beautiful wedding will definitely happen! Plan your big day your way with purpose and focus on what is uniquely special to you. This day is all about you! 

I would love to talk to you about your new plans and how we can make your wedding ceremony unbelievably special and just perfect for you. 


Glenys xx

*Source: RNZ

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