Outdoor Weddings – Top 5 Things to Consider

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Outdoor Weddings – Top 5 Things to Consider

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular today and are very characteristic of our outdoor Kiwi lifestyle. Over the years I have certainly noticed a decrease in the number of couples who choose either an indoor or a Church wedding.

I have been fortunate to be the Celebrant for some of the most wonderful and memorable outdoor weddings. However I have also seen some not go to plan.  So I thought I would share with you some of the key things for you to consider when planning your outdoor wedding in New Zealand:

Outdoor Weddings Considerations

1. Back Up Plan
Outdoor weddings are perfect in beautiful weather, but there must be a back-up plan in case of rain. We all know how often Auckland weather predictions are wrong!  Consider areas such as just inside the reception area, under an overhang at the side of the building or even in a marquee.

2. Be Sun Safe
Having an afternoon wedding in the middle of summer? On a hot, sunny day keep in mind your guests will be sitting/standing outside for some time.  Consider getting paper parasols for people to hold to get some shade. Also put a bottle of sunscreen out on a table at the back somewhere out of the way.

3. Have a Seat
If it’s a hot day and/or you have elderly guests ensure you have some seating for those who might need to sit down.  Keep in mind that you guests could be standing an be standing for an hour or more.

4. Can everyone hear the Celebrant?
If there is any wind on your wedding day the beautiful words of your Ceremony can become lost to all but a few in the front row. Through personal experience it’s highly recommend that a lapel microphone is organised for the Celebrant.  Hand held microphones are not recommended because it’s difficult and distracting to hold the Ceremony folder and the microphone while trying to turn pages. Even if your outdoor venue is in a sheltered area I still recommend considering a lapel microphone. This is important if you plan on inviting a medium to large number of guests because you want everyone to hear every word, including the person right at the back.

5. Can your guests hear you!
Taking into account the two reasons above, think about how audible you will be when you speak and recite your vows.  Everyone at outdoor weddings wants to hear the couple exchange those wonderfully special words!

I hope you find my recommendations helpful.   Happy planning for your outdoors wedding!

Glenys x

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