What do you do if you mess up your Wedding Vows?

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What do you do if you mess up your Wedding Vows?

Wedding ceremony’s are full of emotion, excitement and of course nerves! Standing in front of your family and friends committing yourself to your partner can be very nerve wracking!

So what do you do if you mess up your wedding vows?

What to do if you mess up your wedding vows?

Let’s face it, apart from the romantic first kiss, the highlight of the wedding ceremony is definitely hearing the exchange of vows. Whether you choose standard vows or write your own, here are some strategies to use to avoid any blunders and so you recite your wedding vows flawlessly.

Practice Vows Out Loud

Wedding planning is all consuming and not leave time for much else. However it’s essential to find time to not only write your wedding vows, but practice speaking your vows out loud – a lot. When you speak your vows you get to really hear how your words naturally sound with your feelings and emotions.

Focus on three key areas:

1. Speaking clearly
2. Not sounding monotone
3. Don’t speak too fast. 

The more comfortable you are with the flow of your vows, the greater the chances are of not stumbling.

Take it one step further and practice speaking your vows in front of the mirror. This way you can see your facial expressions and it will give the illusion of someone else in the room listening.

Write Short Sentences

If you are writing your own wedding vows try structuring shorter sentences. More concise sentences will be easier to commit to memory while still being full of meaning and feelings. Another advantage is that shorter sentences allow you to pause for breath more often.

Wedding Celebrant Breaks Vows into Short Phrases

Sometimes even a short sentence is enough to make your mind to go blank. So if you are worried about the jitters getting in the way then ask your Wedding Celebrant to break the vows into short phrases for you to repeat. Experienced Celebrants can recognise the signs of when a subtle prompt is needed, or when to repeat the last phrase. Should your nerves get the better of you, pause, look at the Celebrant so they know you need them to help. Take a deep breath, and listen for the phrase to say.

Pause and Focus

When reciting your wedding vows, focus on your partner like they are the only other person in the world. Maintain a physical connection by holding hands to help to calm your nerves. Focus on your strong connection with the amazing person standing in front of you. This will help increase your confidence when saying your wedding vows. But if you do start to feel the jitters just pause for a moment, take a deep breath and try squeezing your partner’s hand tight to help relieve nerves.

See the funny side!

Words that get muddled during wedding vows or words said incorrectly can often give wedding guests a wee giggle. So why not do the same and just laugh it off also! This reaction will lighten the mood and be one of many memorable moments of the wedding. Then just turn back to your partner, take a deep breath, re-focus and continue saying your vows. There is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed if vows get messed up. It’s important to just brush it off straight away.

Should this happen on your wedding day, just remember you are definitely not the first person to mess up, and certainly won’t be the last!

Get in touch if you would like to talk about your wedding ceremony and we can have a chat.

Glenys xx

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