How to Include Mum in Your Wedding Ceremony

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How to Include Mum in Your Wedding Ceremony

Where would we be without our Mum’s right? Mum is one of the most important people throughout our lives. One way to show your love and appreciation for her is to find a way to include Mum in your wedding ceremony.  A Mother and Daughter relationship is a unique and beautiful relationship.

There are two situations to address here – a. if you have lost your Mum or she is unable to be at the wedding; or b. if you are lucky to have your Mum with you at the wedding. Let’s have a look first at the situation that you have lost your Mum or she won’t be attending the wedding and the ways she can be honoured.

If Mum won’t be at the wedding here are some ways to show your love:

  • Put a framed photo of her either on the signing table or on an empty seat in the front row of the wedding ceremony, or even put her photo in a prominent place at the wedding ceremony.
  • Have Dad or another family member light a candle together with you in her honour.
  • Place her favourite flower on an empty seat in the front row.
  • Set a place for her at the wedding reception.

Consider these carefully when you are planning your wedding ceremony as if you have lost your Mum, a gesture like this could bring up lots of emotions.

In the second situation, Mum will be at the wedding. Involving Mum during parts of your wedding ceremony planning can be such a lovely mother/daughter experience. The role of Mother of the Bride is a role that Mums take on with so much pride! Of course that’s the way they will introduce themselves (with a huge proud smile on their face) to people they don’t know at your wedding.

Amazing, supportive Mums want you to have your day, your way. They have advice to offer, can be a great sounding board, and importantly will be there when you need someone to talk to when things just don’t seem to be going right. However unfortunately not all Mums are like that, and some do try and control the planning or push their ideas on your wedding. My heart goes out to couples when I hear of Mum (or other family) pushing their expectations on the wedding day as it creates extra stress during the planning process. Whichever way you decide to include her, the important thing is your much loved Mum will be with you on the most important day of your life.

The role of Mother of the Bride is a role that Mums take on with so much pride!

Here are ways to include Mum in your wedding ceremony:

  • Let both Mum and Dad have the privilege of walking you down the aisle, or just Mum if Dad isn’t around.
  • Give Mum a beautiful corsage to wear at the wedding.
  • Lighting a candle together with Mum.
  • Mum could sign the marriage documents.
  • Present Mum with flowers if she has done a lot of working planning the wedding (or helped out financially).
  • Mum could hold the wedding rings.
  • Mum could do a beautiful reading.
  • Ask Mum to say a speech at the wedding reception.

Personal touches such as these make a wedding ceremony just so special and unique. Think about your Mum when considering some of these tips and how they might fit in with your wedding.

If you would to have a chat about how to include your Mum in your wedding ceremony plans please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

Glenys xx

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