High Profile Weddings

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High Profile Weddings

High profile weddings are a fascination to us all today as they have been throughout history. But why do we care so much? Instinctively there’s a natural curiosity in each one of us to get a look inside the world of the rich and famous – and their high profile weddings are very high on that list.

Wedding planners (and every rich and famous couple has one) are given budgets in the millions to work with instead of the thousands that the rest of us are more familiar with. No expense is spared to produce the most opulent wedding that money can buy. When spending that kind of money on a wedding the goal (or mission) would be to create an event unseen before and one that will be talked about for years.

2011 High Profile Weddings

If we think of the cost and massive public interest of two high profile weddings in 2011. Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost $12.6 million (although only lasted for 72 days!), and of course Will and Kate’s wedding which cost $19.6 million. Because we, the public, want to a glimpse inside (and behind the scenes) their wedding day productions, both couples were able to sell their wedding photos to the highest tabloid bidder to have them included in gossip mags globally.

If you believe the gossip mags the next “big” high profile wedding of the year is the long awaited marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Can you imagine how difficult it must be if you were them and you just wanted a small, quiet wedding? Those who do seek privacy for their wedding know that the only way is to pay for security and have a plan that is run with military precision. If the bride and groom are very high profile then the amount of security necessary will often rival any American Presidential event.

The Bride’s Gown

High profile weddings means high profile guests.  That means top fashion designers dressing their clients in the same way they would if they were making an appearance at a red carpet event. But let’s face it, it’s the bride’s gown that we are most interested in seeing! Designed by a high profile designer, such as Vera Wang or Monique Lhullier, the cost of the gown won’t matter to the bride so long as she looks flawless (and of course that the fashion critics love it!).

High profile weddings are magnificent events. Not only do we get a small glimpse inside the lives of the bride and groom to be, but also because of their alluring fairy tale quality that momentarily captures our imagination…exactly the same way that Cinderella’s wedding did when we were children.

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