Happy New Year from Auckland Celebrant

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Happy New Year from Auckland Celebrant

Happy New Year to you all! It’s the end of another year and a bright new and exciting year arrives tomorrow. This is a time of reflection and a time to plan for the year ahead and the future.

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Is this the year that you are going to propose to your lovely partner? Or is this the year that your partner will propose to you? Or is this the year that you are going to get married?

Did you know that in a recent Colmar Brunton survey only 44% of New Zealanders make New Year’s resolutions? As for me I like New Year’s resolutions.  For me they are basically goals for things I am going to achieve that year. I think my key to success though is being realistic about what I can achieve and what is possible.  In the same survey over 50% of Aucklander’s said that saving money was the highest priority for 2013.

The wedding season is already shaping up to be really busy for me.  Last Saturday I married Alvin and Tui Ann at Butterfly Creek. It was a lovely romantic wedding with the four bridesmaids in beautiful apple green dresses and the four groomsmen in smart black suits with green ties.

Planning your wedding can be one of the most magical things that a couple can do. There are so many wonderful options, settings and themes that you can adopt to ensure that your wedding is perfect.

So if 2013 is the year that you put your wedding plans into action, get in touch with me and let’s work together and make your dream wedding a reality. 

A Very Happy New Year To Everyone!

Glenys xx

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