Fun ways to have an elopement wedding ceremony

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Fun ways to have an elopement wedding ceremony

Have you ever thought about eloping? No? Before you turn off of the idea to have an elopement wedding ceremony just keeping reading for a minute.

When is the right time to elope?

You have been together for years; you are totally committed to a future together; but every time the subject of marriage comes up you both dismiss it because you don’t think it’s possible financially. Possibly it’s because you are saving for a house deposit or because you want to travel? Whatever the reason, you just don’t see a way that you can afford your dream wedding when you add up the costs of the venue, reception, cake, flowers, dress, gifts for attendants, cars, etc, etc… Plus when you think about the list of “must invite” guests and what that cost would be – your house/travel goals just seem to disappear off into the distance.

Elopement ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. As a celebrant I have personally seen an increase in the number of elopement wedding ceremonies over the last few years. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of fanfare, fuss and stress encountered with a traditional wedding, or it may be because couples want to do things their way and call their own shots for their marriage.

Fun examples to have an elopement wedding ceremony

Here are a couple of creative ways some of my couples have chosen to have an elopement wedding ceremony:

1. Intimate elopement wedding ceremony

An out-of-town couple contacted me because they wanted to have an elopement ceremony. They were coming to Auckland to stay one night at a hotel before they flew to Australia for their holiday the following morning. We held a beautiful and intimate elopement ceremony by the hotel pool with two hotel guests acting as witnesses. Following their holiday they arrived home and hosted a party with their family and friends.

This style of elopement ceremony was perfect for them because they didn’t want the fuss of a traditional wedding. What was most important to them was a beautiful and intimate ceremony with just with each other.

2. Surprise elopement wedding ceremony

A couple wanted to surprise their friends and have an elopement wedding ceremony during the bride’s birthday party. To ensure no one got a hint of the plan, I played the role of a party “guest” mingling with their friends until the right time. Following the singing of “Happy Birthday” the Groom announced to the guests that the couple was getting married – and RIGHT NOW!

As you can imagine their family and friends erupted with sheer delight at what was about to happen. The surprised guests really were overjoyed to be part of a special double celebration – a birthday and an elopement wedding ceremony.

Planning a surprise event requires more organisation but really is worth it for the stunned reactions! This couple decided against a traditional wedding in favour of creating their unique elopement ceremony, involving those closest to them. The surprise created a real sense of togetherness or bond among the guests, because everyone knew they were part of something special.

Is an elopement wedding ceremony for you?

Perhaps you hadn’t considered an elopement wedding ceremony an option for you. You make the rules for these ceremonies and are tailor made to your specifications – no one else’s. If either of these elopement ceremonies is something you would like to do, or if you have your own elopement ideas then please contact me. Together we can design your perfect elopement ceremony!

Glenys xx

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