Five years of beautiful gay wedding ceremonies in New Zealand

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Five years of beautiful gay wedding ceremonies in New Zealand

It’s been five years since the law changed allowing gay wedding ceremonies in New Zealand! It was back on 5th September 2013 I performed my first gay wedding ceremony after the New Zealand Government ratified same-sex marriages. Over the past five years, I have been so very lucky to have met a huge number of beautiful women and men from New Zealand and overseas. All are deeply in love and just wanted to get married in gay wedding ceremonies. 

Due to the fact, such a large number of countries STILL haven’t legalised same-sex marriage, many couples choose to have their gay weddings in New Zealand. When couples arrive in New Zealand, they are understandably both relieved and ecstatic to be here. Couples realise they are one giant step closer to making their dream a reality by marrying the person they love.

Each same-sex couple has a unique journey

Each couple has a different story to share with me, and each has been on their own journey to get to this point in their lives. Thankfully many have had their choice to get married wholeheartedly embraced by their families! Unfortunately, some aren’t able to share their decision with anyone for fear of ostracism or even displacement from their families.

Beautiful and memorable gay wedding ceremonies

A few years back two overseas ladies contacted me a year and a half before their wedding to book me. They had booked an idyllic Waiheke Island venue for their gay wedding ceremony. On the big day, both ladies appeared each on the arm of a parent and together all walked halfway along the path. At that point, they embraced their parents and then the ladies walked the rest of the way holding hands to meet me. Their romantic same-sex wedding ceremony was special because of the magic the couple brought to the day, their family’s unconditional love for them, and the beautifully touching vows each had written.

More recently I performed a fabulous gay wedding for two men, also on Waiheke Island, at a picturesque vineyard. The weather that day was simply perfect for their gay wedding ceremony. A large group of their family and friends from New Zealand and overseas were invited to watch the dashing couple walk down the aisle together. The ceremony was a celebration full of love and laughter. Although not many dry eyes once the men read their beautifully, touching vows to each other.

Kara and Lissy's wedding cereony with Auckland Celebrant

Photo courtesy of Phillipa Karn Photography on Waiheke Island

What a wonderful five years of gay weddings!

I feel so privileged and blessed to have met every one of my beautiful same-sex couples and perform their gay wedding ceremonies. In every single case, the undying love that each has for the other is whole-hearted and undisputed. However same-sex couples have had a tougher journey to get to the altar in comparison to their heterosexual friends. I think about this as I pronounce couples are married at the end of gay wedding ceremonies. At that moment their absolute elation and rapture is not only because they are now wed, but also because they can finally stand tall knowing their same-sex relationship is now respected equally – and that is simply awe-inspiring to see!

If you are planning your gay wedding – I would love to talk to you! Get in touch with me and we can chat through how I can custom design a personalised, beautiful and unique gay wedding ceremony especially for your big day.


Glenys xx

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