Choosing Songs for Wedding Ceremony

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Choosing Songs for Wedding Ceremony

Can you imagine a ceremony without wedding songs or music?  Universally, music is often used in order to invoke feelings and bring out emotions from within and the songs for wedding ceremony are the perfect example of this.

How often have you been to a wedding when the strains of “Here Comes The Bride” starts up and you find yourself tingling with emotion? This traditional wedding ceremony song creates strong feelings within us because we know it is about to herald a very special and exciting time in the ceremony – the grand entrance of the bride!

Songs for Wedding Ceremony – Live Music versus iPod/CD

Without a doubt live music provides better entertainment and is preferable to an iPod/CD music.  Live music songs for wedding ceremony could range from a string quartet, jazz band, saxophonist, acoustic guitarist, pianist…the list goes on.

In saying that, an iPod/CD can still have a fantastic impact if a good audio system is used – please don’t underestimate the importance of good quality music and audio at both indoor and outdoor weddings!   During your planning, think outside the box and explore different musical options to compliment your ceremony, beautifully.

When in the Wedding Ceremony Should You Include a Song or Music?

Based on your wedding day plan, and how want your day to run, it’s your decision on what parts to include a wedding ceremony song, or songs. Typically though, music or a song(s) are often played during the these points of a wedding ceremony.

  1. Guests can be entertained as they arrive. Plan to have background music playing 20-30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony because often guests will arrive early!
  2. Song for the bridesmaids/flower girls/etc as they enter.*
  3. Song for the bride as she makes her grand entrance. The wedding song chosen should be a different song from the bridesmaids music in order to create a much more dramatic moment. Another good tip is to set the volume level to be slightly louder than the song that was played for the bridesmaids/flower girls/etc. (Think of it like a concert where the volume level for the warm up act is always slightly quieter than for the main act.)*
  4. Signing of the Marriage Certificate. Including music here maintains the flow of the ceremony and keeps guests entertained. This can be the perfect time for a friend or relative with a stunning voice to perform a song.
  5. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. When the couple and bridal party pair up and walk back down the aisle.

*Once the wedding ceremony is booked, a good idea it to time (roughly) the walk from “entrance” to “alter”. Knowing this makes it easier to choose and/or edit the timing of a song down, which is far better than finding out right before the wedding day at the rehearsal that a song is too short/long.

Take time to ensure your chosen songs for wedding ceremony have strong meaning and relevance, and are exceptionally personal to you.

I would love to hear more about your ideas for your wedding ceremony. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Glenys xx

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