Pet Ceremony

Pet Ceremony

When a devoted pet or fur-baby passes away many people find themselves with a huge void in their lives.  For a lot of people losing a pet is exactly the same (or sometimes worse) as losing a close family member.

It’s important to allow yourself to draw a conclusion on their passing and a pet ceremony funeral is a way to acknowledge the impact they had on your life.

A pet ceremony funeral gives you the opportunity to celebrate the life of your special pet.

Auckland Celebrant works in close consultation with you to create a personalised pet ceremony funeral that will reflect your pet and its personality.  A pet ceremony can take place at your home or another location if you would like to scatter the ashes. Unlike a funeral ceremony you have the choice as to how many family and friends you invite.

Pet Ceremony Funeral

The ceremony typically includes the sharing of stories, memories and anecdotes about the pet. Other ways to honour their memory could include the reading of verses and music playing. The conclusion for a pet ceremony funeral can either be the scattering of their ashes or a burial.

Note: if they are already buried then you may like to scatter flowers or petals on their grave.

If you are considering a pet ceremony funeral please contact me and we can discuss your special requirements.

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