Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony is a chance to celebrate, sanctify, or remember the life of a person who recently passed away. It’s all about a person’s life and being representative of their life and them as a person. Typically the ceremony comprises of a eulogy, reading of verses, memorable times, and beautiful music. Then the ceremony concludes with the words of the committal.

Planning a Funeral Ceremony

Planning this ceremony involves people weaving together special memories of a person to create a beautifully unique ceremony. First I will spend time with you finding out about the person. Then I will work with you to incorporate your individual requests. Where appropriate, I will offer suggestions for the structure and flow of the ceremony. This collaborative approach means your family or group get a personalised and heartfelt ceremony.

During this very emotional time, rest assured your family or group will receive any support needed from me.

Suggested order of a Funeral Ceremony

Here is a suggested order for the ceremony. This can be tailored in any way to meet your specific requests for your loved one.

  • Celebrant welcomes everyone, introduction.
  • Bible reading
  • Acknowledge deceased and words of comfort
  • Reading
  • Eulogy
  • Guests invited to share experiences and special memories
  • Reflection time
  • Music
  • Bible reading
  • Prayer
  • Committal

Choose an experienced Auckland Celebrant

My extensive funeral experience, and supportive approach, means you can feel at ease while we work together. A key part of that is to take the planning work away from you. So you and your family or group can then focus on supporting each other during a very difficult time. I will create a personalised and beautifully fitting ceremony to honour your loved one.

A funeral is a celebration of life.

Every funeral ceremony I perform is treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. So contact me if you have any questions or to talk about planning a funeral ceremony.

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