Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are the legal and most important part of the Marriage Ceremony. During the ceremony this is your chance to say just how much your partner means to you.

I can offer you a large selection of beautiful wedding vows from which you can choose, or alternatively you can write your own vows.


Top 5 Steps to Creating Great Personalised Wedding Vows

1. To personalise vows or not to personalise vows

The very first step is to agree that you and your fiance are going to write your own personalised wedding vows.  If you decide not to write your own vows, contact me direct for samples.

2. I’m writing my vows but where/how do I start?

Don’t know where to start? Or do you have writers block?  Brainstorm!  Write down single words or phrases that you would like to incorporate into your vows.  Think about some memories of certain times or special moments during your relationship that you would like to include.  Sit down somewhere quiet and take your time to write down your thoughts. Make sure you get all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions down onto paper that.

3. Research and find inspiration

Research ideas and find inspiration using the huge amount of wedding information available on the internet.  Some other mediums that could also offer great tips are in romantic comedy or drama movies, or in novels.

4. Structuring your wedding vows

A great way to start to create structure around your ideas is to draft the outline of your wedding ceremony vows by writing section headers onto a page – “Beginning”, “Middle”, and “End”.  Try using bullet points as you start formulating your key words or phrases. Once that’s done you can start to flesh out the words and phrases and keep editing until you are happy with your vows.

5. Practice, practice, practice and practice again!

You want to project deep sincerity when speaking and the more you learn your wedding vows, the easier this will be. If possible do a practice run in front of a couple of people so you can get feedback on how you sound, stand, project your voice, etc.  However if you don’t feel comfortable doing this or want your wedding vows kept secret until your wedding day, simply record yourself rehearsing and play back to hear how you sound.

Lastly, and very importantly, decide if on your wedding day you will rely on your (mega) memory to recite your vows. Now if you aren’t confident enough for that, and prefer your vows written out in full, then please use small size cards or paper no larger than A5 size. Reading from larger A4 style paper is not only distracting for your guests but importantly it’s very easy to lose your place on the page!  If you know your vows well but are concerned about nerves on the day then I recommend placing small typed (good size font) cue cards with key points or phrases in the palm of your hand just in case you need a prompt.


Tip: Your Wedding Celebrant can hold your cue cards and discretely hand them to you when it’s time for the vows. 

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