Wedding Celebrant Process

Wedding Celebrant Process

The Summer months can be a busy time for Wedding Celebrants. So once you have confirmed the date it is a good idea to book your Auckland Celebrant and start the ceremony planning process.

This information details the typical ceremony planning process that your Auckland wedding celebrant will go through with you from the first contact through to your wedding day.

Ceremony Planning Process:

1. Initial contact with the Wedding Celebrant

By email, phone or in person

Details your Celebrant will ask you for at the start of the ceremony planning process:

  • Wedding date.
  • Ceremony location (if known).
  • Type of wedding ceremony, i.e. religious, non-secular, cultural aspects, specific requirements (if known).

The information the Celebrant will provide you with:

  • The unique service that the Celebrant can offer you.
  • Wedding celebrant costs and payment information.
  • Arrange a first meet and greet – I would love to meet you!

2. First meeting: meet and greet with the couple

At the first meeting your Celebrant will discuss with you:

  • Proposed details of the wedding ceremony.
  • Date of wedding, venue details, guest numbers.
  • Anything specific the couple wants included in their personalised ceremony – and also anything the couple doesn’t want.
  • If you feel good rapport with the Wedding Celebrant, confirm the booking.

Once you have confirmed the Celebrant booking for your wedding:

  • Celebrant provides resources and information such as an introductory letter, a selection of verses and readings, vows and ring vows, deposit information, marriage license requirements.
  • Agree the date when the Celebrant needs to receive the vows, readings and other information to be included in the ceremony.

3. Second meeting and/or email: select vows and readings

The vows and readings chosen by you are then emailed to the Wedding Celebrant so she can prepare the first draft of your wedding ceremony.

4. Third contact: Celebrant emails your wedding ceremony

Approximately 4-8 weeks out from your big day you will receive the first draft of your wedding ceremony. Once you have reviewed the draft, reply back to the Celebrant with your approval / feedback / comments / suggestions. If amendments are requested I will make the changes and then email the second draft for to you for review, and so on.

Auckland Celebrant will refine and redesign your wedding ceremony until you are 100% satisfied!

5. Final payment: 1 week before the wedding day

The remainder of the Auckland Wedding Celebrant fee is to be paid by direct credit one week before the wedding day.

6. Wedding rehearsal: run through your ceremony

Up to 1 week before your wedding we will have a wedding ceremony rehearsal so you and your bridal party can do a practice run through of your wedding ceremony.

  • Celebrant will check with the couple that the Marriage License is organised (please note: a minimum of 3 business days are required).
  • Music – all wedding ceremony songs to be played through to ensure the wedding party know their cue to enter (and exit), and to check audio quality.
  • Arrival of the bride and her attendants – practice the order they will enter and the timing between each person.
  • Signing of the Marriage Certificate – run through when in the ceremony the witnesses are needed to sign, where the table will be located, and the signing order.
  • Wedding ceremony conclusion – decide on the order the wedding party walks back down the aisle to meet their family and friends.
  • Discuss any other last minute details.

7. Wedding Day: Auckland Celebrant at the venue

On the wedding day I arrive at the venue half an hour before the ceremony start time. During this time I will speak to anyone participating in wedding doing readings, music and witnesses, etc, and any other final checks can be done.

8. Your wedding ceremony

At the conclusion of your wedding ceremony you and your partner are presented with the Marriage License, as well as a copy of your personalised wedding ceremony.


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