Marriage in New Zealand

Marriage in New Zealand

It’s very easy to understand why foreigners want to have their marriage in New Zealand. It’s because New Zealand is renowned as a wonderful holiday destination. Also because of its breathtaking scenery, adventure lifestyle and its clean, green reputation. So who wouldn’t want to celebrate the most important and romantic day of their lives by having their marriage in New Zealand?

From wedding location and venue suggestions in Auckland to assisting with applying for a New Zealand Marriage License – Auckland Celebrant will provide you with all of the support, guidance, and information you need.

Getting married as a foreigner in New Zealand really is stress-free when working with Auckland Celebrant! This is because your personalised opposite sex or same-sex wedding ceremony is created in collaboration with you.  Above all your ceremony will be tailored to your requirements to ensure that it’s perfect.

Two definitions for “overseas couples”. The Marriage License application process below is for both.

  • Foreign couples who are not New Zealand citizens or residents and want to travel here to have their marriage in New Zealand.
  • Expats who are New Zealand Citizens or Residents and returning home to marry in New Zealand.

Marriage in New Zealand for Foreigners

1. Apply for a New Zealand Marriage License for non-NZ Residents

When both parties are not residents in New Zealand, the bride or groom needs to apply for a Marriage License by completing a Notice of Intended Marriage Where Parties Ordinarily Resident Outside New Zealand (BDM58).

2. New Zealand Marriage License Cost

The cost of a New Zealand Marriage License is NZD$150 and is payable when you submit your license for marriage notice. Payments can be made overseas in New Zealand dollars by bank draft or bank cheque. The cheque is to be made out to the Registry office closest to the wedding venue.

3. Submit Notice

Send the marriage notice (including the cost for the NZ marriage license) to the Registry Office nearest to the wedding venue. In addition, it’s important the application form includes the Marriage Celebrant’s full name.  This form must reach the Registrar at least a week before the wedding ceremony date.

Foreigners from Commonwealth nations have the option to sign and submit the statutory declaration before leaving their home country.  Note: This can only be done in front of a Commonwealth Representative (i.e. an authorised Diplomatic or Consular Officer).

4. Statutory Declaration

On arrival in New Zealand the bride, groom or both need to visit the Registrar of Marriages to sign the statutory declaration in person. However, this applies only If they didn’t sign it in their home country, see point above.

5. Collect License for Marriage

Three days after completing the statutory declaration the marriage license and two copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage are available to collect. However, it’s important to note the License for Marriage is then valid for three months only.

6. Signed New Zealand Marriage License

At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the couple is presented with a signed copy of the “Copy of Particulars of Marriage”. After that, the marriage celebrant will return the other signed copy to the Registrar of Marriages that issued the license.


So contact me if you are considering having your marriage in New Zealand. Let’s talk about your great ideas and how we can make your wedding day in New Zealand perfect.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Dear Glenys,

    I apologize for the short notice but due to what seems like an unexpected frosty idea to our marriage, we have decided to bring forward our wedding to next January when we come back to visit family in summer.

    We are a Kiwi\Italian couple, having been together for just over 11 years and would like to finally tie the knot. Due to the family situation, we have been a bit put off by a big event and decided to keep it a strictly private affair and given most of our friends are all here in Italy we will have a party when we return home.

    I would firstly like to know if you are interested and free to preform a simple yet meaningful wedding without any fuss at your home on the morning of the 9th of Jan 2018 or 8th in the afternoon? Secondly, could you give us a rough idea of the cost. I would prefer something short, simple but with that touch of personalization for a gay couple and our witnesses.

    Thank you very much for your time and help.


    Clinton and Oscar

    • Dear Clinton and Oscar,

      I thank you for your enquiry. I am available on the 8th and 9th January next year and I would love to be your Celebrant. My fee for an international wedding ceremony is $350 inclusive.

      You will be able to lodge your application for your Marriage License by email, uplift on your arrival in Auckland and be married immediately.

      Please do come back with any further questions.


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