Elopement Wedding

Elopement Wedding

When most people think of eloping, they think of running off to Las Vegas for a drive-through, Elvis-themed wedding. Today elopements have become simpler, more beautifully intimate wedding ceremonies. You can enjoy a fun and uniquely meaningful elopement wedding designed just for you.

Why do people elope?

Perhaps you like romance? Do you want to avoid family issues? Maybe you want to seal a long-term relationship without planning a big wedding? Are same-sex weddings not legal in your country? Or a wonderfully meaningful alternative to a registry office? Or you want an inexpensive wedding? There are so many reasons to choose intimate elopements instead. To avoid the expensive reception. Secondly to avoid the hassles deciding who to invite to the wedding. Thirdly to avoid input of over-involved family and friends. Or to avoid spending time and energy planning minor details.

At the end of the day, some couples just aren’t suited to or aren’t interested in planning a big wedding.

Elopement wedding

An elopement wedding is a great alternative for those who wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony. The money saved can then be spent on a better honeymoon or a house deposit instead. All you need to elope is the two of you, a celebrant, and two witnesses. However, you might choose to invite some family and/or a couple of friends. There are lots of fun ways to elope!

Auckland Celebrant will work with you to create a romantic and personalised elopement wedding ceremony that focuses purely and simply on the love between you as a couple, and your love story.

Whether you live in New Zealand or overseas I will work with you collaboratively to plan your Auckland elopement. Let’s talk about your vision and ideas for your elopement. Then we will work through each element to create a unique and intimate elopement wedding perfectly suited to you. Also, I can even assist with arranging the 2 witnesses if need be.

Elopement package

So to make the process easy, I have designed a special Auckland Celebrant Elopement package. Here is what is included:

  • A personalised and unique ceremony written in conjunction with you both.
  • Guidance and all information relating to your New Zealand Marriage License application.
  • Elopement ceremony planning and guidance.
  • Recommendations on venues and beautiful outdoor locations.
  • Face to face, Skype or phone meetings PLUS a rehearsal.
  • Available by phone and email to answer questions and provide support.
  • Resource materials including samples of readings, vows, and verses, as required.
  • Mileage and travel costs.*
  • Your Marriage License and a copy of your ceremony in a lovely presentation folder.
  • Two witnesses provided if requested.

An elopement wedding you will remember all your life!

Elopement wedding ceremony with Auckland Celebrant

Secret elopement

Are you planning to secretly elope? My couples privacy is paramount. As such any photos taken will not be posted to social media or my website without your permission. So please rest assured your elopement wedding will remain private until you are both ready to share your exciting news.

Remember just because you’re eloping that it doesn’t mean that the day isn’t just as special. It’s still your wedding day and there is so much to be excited about and celebrate!

Contact me and let’s discuss your wonderful ideas for your Auckland elopement ceremony.