Apply for a Marriage License

Apply for a Marriage License

In order to get married in New Zealand you need to apply for a Marriage License (Notice of Intended Marriage BDM60) from the Registrar of Marriages.

So to make things easy, this information details everything you need to both know and do to apply for a marriage license in New Zealand.

To clarify, the marriage license application process below is for New Zealand residents or citizens. You can find all information for non-NZ residents or NZ residents living outside of New Zealand on marriage in New Zealand for foreigners.

1. How to apply for a Marriage License in New Zealand

Where do you find the NZ marriage license application? Simply click to open the Notice of Intended Marriage form (BDM60) form which the bride or groom must complete. The form is different for foreign couples or New Zealand couples returning home to marry.

2. Marriage License Cost

The marriage license cost is $150 and is payable when you submit your application. Please remember to include the full name of the marriage celebrant on the NZ marriage license application form.

3. Apply for a Marriage License at least 3 days prior

The Notice of Intended Marriage (marriage license application form) needs to be personally delivered to the Registrar of Marriages at least 3 days prior to your wedding day. Registry Offices are conveniently located in all cities (and most towns) throughout New Zealand. In Auckland, the Registry Office is located on Level 6, AA Building, 99 Albert Street.

4. Statutory Declaration

Either the bride or groom or both must complete a statutory declaration in person and in the presence of the Registrar of Marriages. This states:

  1. That there is no lawful impediment to the marriage (i.e. no legal reason that you both cannot be married).
  2. That the details provided by the couple are true.
  3. That the bride and groom are not within the “prohibited degrees of relationship” and that consent has been given (where relevant.)

As well as that, if either of you has been married or in a civil union previously, you may be asked to produce evidence of the dissolution (e.g. Divorce/Dissolution Order) when you give notice to the Registrar. If your previous spouse or partner has died you do not have to produce evidence of their death. However, you will have to provide the date of death on the Notice of Intended Marriage form.

5. Collect the Marriage License

You can collect the license and two copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage 3 days after submitting it with the Registrar of Marriages. A New Zealand Marriage License is valid for 3 months from collection date. Note: the time frames stated here are the minimum needed for processing.

Auckland Celebrant strongly suggests that the application is completed and the marriage license is collected and brought to the wedding rehearsal for the celebrant to keep hold of.

So then the marriage celebrant will bring the wedding license for the couple to sign on the wedding day.  Let’s face it – on your wedding day you have more than enough to think of and this process will make it that much easier for you!

6. Signed Marriage License

At the conclusion of your wedding ceremony, you will be presented you with a signed copy of the “Copy of Particulars of Marriage”. After that, your celebrant will return the other copy to the Registrar of Marriages.


If you are planning your upcoming wedding then please get in contact for a chat. Together we can go through any questions you may have and talk about making your wedding day fabulous!

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