Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Weddings are one of life’s most momentous and exquisite occasions. As a highly experienced Auckland wedding celebrant, my aim is to make your wedding ceremony on your special day – perfect. Your wedding ceremony is your opportunity to articulate through words the love you feel and share. This is your chance to show the true and deep feelings you and your partner have for each other.

During the planning process, a couple’s wedding ceremony ideas start to develop and take shape.  Together you decide on the type of wedding ceremony and things to be included in your ceremony. And there are a lot of considerations! Here are some questions to ask your wedding celebrant that anyone planning a wedding should know the answers to.

Auckland Wedding Celebrant guarantees that your wedding ceremony is personalised, tailored and created uniquely for you


When choosing a celebrant please be aware that some Wedding Celebrants work from ceremony templates, i.e. a kind of “one size fits all” ceremony.  Some marriage celebrants will tell you they “customise” each ceremony for you when in reality slight tweaks are made to the last ceremony they performed…!  There is nothing personal or special about that approach especially given your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life!

Auckland Wedding Celebrant meeting

When we meet you will find me to be a passionate people person who works with you in a consultative way. During our first meeting, I like to be up front and go through the process of how we will work together to plan your heterosexual or same-sex wedding. So this way you have all the information to make an informed choice for your wedding celebrant.  For more detail and specifics have a read through my Auckland Wedding Celebrant Process here.

It’s extremely important for me to get to know you both. That means finding out about your “story” together. I want to hear exactly how you came to be planning your big day. Next, I like to find out what elements and special requests you would like included in your wedding ceremony. Also are there important people in your life that will play a part in the ceremony.

Are you after some wedding ceremony ideas or inspiration? I have a large number of sample verses, prayers, and readings for you to select from. Plus my extensive experience means I can offer lots of advice or share experiences along the way. Apart from a few legal phrases, your wedding ceremony can have as much or as little content as you desire.

Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and countries. I have performed countless weddings for couples with specific requirements. So be assured that each and every ceremony is performed with sensitivity, and all personal beliefs are treated with the utmost respect.

Your wedding ceremony can have as much or as little romance as you like

There are no rules or guidelines for this, it is completely up to you.  This is your day after all!

After our meeting, I create and refine your wedding ceremony and work with you until you decide it’s perfect.  As an Auckland Celebrant, I specialise in making wedding ceremony ideas and dreams come to life to form the perfect ceremony!

Contact me and let’s talk about your individual wedding day requirements and how I will create your beautiful ceremony.

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