5 Trends that make same-sex wedding ceremonies amazing!

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5 Trends that make same-sex wedding ceremonies amazing!

Thankfully same-sex wedding ceremonies are a wonderfully normal and common part of our way of life in New Zealand. Since the law changed I have performed over one hundred beautiful same-sex wedding ceremonies. I have loved every one of them! As an experienced Auckland Celebrant it quickly became apparent that some heterosexual wedding traditions and trends simply don’t work for same-sex couples. So what same-sex wedding ceremony trends have been adopted? And what are the new same-sex wedding ceremony trends and traditions being established?

Here are five same-sex wedding ceremony trends I believe make gay wedding ceremonies amazing and unique:

Fashion is very, very important

One of the most noticeable differences between same-sex weddings and heterosexual weddings is how massively creative couples are with what they wear. Simply put, there are no rules! Same-sex couples often make bold, stylish and unique wardrobe choices for their wedding.

Same-sex wedding fashion for gay men

Some choosing two suits, some choose two dresses, some choose something completely different. Wardrobe choices range from traditional wedding formal wear through to pantsuits to unusual dress patterns and colors. Often same-sex couples wear identical wedding outfits, while others wear separate outfits to reflect their personality and style.

How about wearing two different outfits on your wedding day? Yes absolutely! Many same-sex couples wear one outfit for the wedding ceremony, and then get changed into a second outfit for the reception or after party.  Whatever you choose – wear it your way!

Same-sex wedding fashion for lesbian weddings

The night before

More often that not my same-sex couples say they spend the night before their wedding together rather than apart. Wedding outfits are usually chosen together or one receives input from the other, especially if they are wearing something similar. This means there’s no reason for the tradition of the “big reveal” on the wedding day.

Same-sex couples usually stay together on the night before the weddings

Walking down the aisle

Some same-sex couples enter together, some enter separately. Sometimes they enter with one or both parents. Sometimes they enter with a close friend. Some choose to have a grand entrance, some prefer a small aisle. Same-sex couples are putting a new twist on traditional wedding aisle etiquette. Most same-sex couples opt to have some type of aisle, but it’s usually anything but traditional. Pave your own path for your wedding ceremony.

Same-sex couples put a twist on the aisle traditions

No more gender based roles

One difference that was instantly apparent is how same-sex marriages couples have changed the rules of what is a “traditional wedding party”. The new same-sex wedding ceremony trend is that wedding party roles are given to the person best suited. Gender is not a factor at all! Some of my male gay weddings have had wedding parties made up of only female family members and close friends. Some of my lesbian weddings have chosen only women to take on the roles. Other same-sex couples mix up the wedding party roles to be perfectly suited for them.

Removing gender from the equation makes it so much easier!

Same-sex couples choose their wedding party based on the person and not the gender

Celebrate the journey

For couples who have been together for years, the journey it’s taken to even be able to legally marry has often been massive. There are also those who have, heartbreakingly, faced discrimination along the way. Same-sex couples use their wedding ceremony to acknowledge their past, celebrate both their journey together and their exciting life ahead as a married couple.

When working with my same-sex couples I always take time to connect and get to know their unique and beautiful story. This way I can truly bring your story it to life when personalising your wedding ceremony. Your story is really about you and the people who love and support you!

Same-sex couples should celebrate their journey together

It goes without saying – a wedding is a celebration of the couple’s love for each other, and not of their genders. However as a same-sex couple, you get to do things a bit different and in a way that’s unique to you. As you start to plan your wedding take these same-sex wedding ceremony trends into consideration as you personalise your big day. Remember, it’s all about you creating your own traditions to start your married life with. You can do that by finding the perfect combination of old and new traditions and trends.

If you are planning your amazing same-sex wedding I would love to talk about your exciting ideas and how we can make them a reality. Please contact me, your Auckland Celebrant, and we can discuss your plans further.


Glenys xx
Auckland Celebrant

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